Board Games Not Boozin’

At the time of writing I have been sober for 664 days. No hangovers, late-night kebabs or taxi soiling fines for nearly 2 years. I started drinking, as most people do, as a teenager. At first it was house parties and the usual weekend drinking that almost every young person engages in. But as I … Continue reading Board Games Not Boozin’


Review: Blade Runner 2049

The original Blade Runner was a landmark piece of science fiction. Ridley Scott’s ambitious 1982 classic broke new grounds, and established a storytelling norm that forever changed the genre’s canon. Following on from this hugely influential work was always an ambitious, and perhaps foolhardy, endeavour. Attempting a direct sequel in this way seems like setting … Continue reading Review: Blade Runner 2049

Review: Tom Of Finland (Dome Karukoski)

Tuoko Laaksonen, better know to the world as Tom Of Finland, shaped a generation of gay and bisexual men through a body of art that elevated gay eroticism and influenced an aesthetic that permeated throughout gay circles and eventually into the mainstream zeitgeist. He is an undervalued, often undercelebrated artist whose work helped define a … Continue reading Review: Tom Of Finland (Dome Karukoski)

Grayson Perry’s Divided Britain leaves viewers none the wiser (review)

Grayson Perry graced television screens this week with the one-off Channel 4 documentary “Divided Britain”. Throughout this 45 minute showing the Turner Prize winning artist sets out to explore the divided nature of Britain’s culture in the context of Brexit and the general election.  The show opens with Perry, a Labour supporting remain-voter, laying his politics on the … Continue reading Grayson Perry’s Divided Britain leaves viewers none the wiser (review)